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Midnight Tribe

The band

Beatrix - Vocals




Hansi St. Holmes



Victor Tenebris



Ronny Løkken


The band:


Midnight Tribe was founded in the midwinter of 2020/2021. Ronny and Hansi started the band together with Beatrix, who had recently moved from Stavanger.


A couple of months passed while looking for a bass player, but then Victor contacted the band and asked if he could come for an audition.


Beatrix -

Started the Oslo based band Diabla in the late 90s. Beatrix was the lyricist and main songwriter of Diabla, along with co-writers Tarald Lie and Morten Granheim. The band released an EP, a 2-track single, and an album, performed on Norwegian national TV, were interviewed by music magazines and radio stations, and played support gigs for bands like TNT and Stage Dolls.

While living in Stavanger, Beatrix did live lead and backing vocals at festivals and clubs for the 80s' chart topping band Tindrum in 2016.

In 2019, Beatrix released a single and video as a solo artist, co-written and produced by Roy Alexander Lind.

She then joined the Stavanger cover band Back In The Saddle as a lead singer. The band quickly became a popular live act in the area. Beatrix moved back to East Norway in 2020, and Midnight Tribe was born.


Hansi is an experienced live musician who also sings and plays guitar in the band Harry Hoovers. His previous bands are SlowRide, Pure Faen and Compact Dicks, and he has played support gigs for Raga Rockers and Eldar Vågan. As you can see, Hansi has Viking ancestors, and is almost 2 meters tall!


Victor is the band's bass player, but he also plays guitar and sings in other projects like Tenebris Army and Deadly Medicine. Aside from being a productive songwriter and lyricist, he likes his JD and late nights, and jumps up and down when he's happy!


Ronny Smedstuen Løkken is a brilliant drummer who can play almost anything, but he's a rocker at heart. He also plays in the bands Still Crazy, Lost Rhythm, Harry Hoovers and Rune Bakkelund Band.

Hansi St. Holmes
Victor Tenebris
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